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Choosing the right tool for the job...

Grandma used to say she could complete any household project with just a coffee mug, a butter knife, and her ingenuity.  And it’s true that a clever, skilled craftsman needs very few tools to create a wonderwork of household design.  Grandma and the craftsman make the point that any tool is only as good as its user…  In the hands of a fine craftsman, even a pocket knife makes miracles.

Yet both grandma and the craftsman agree, in the world of construction and home improvement, each task can require a number of specific tools, and each tool performs one specialized function.  No one single hammer drives every kind of nail. A flat-head screwdriver does not effectively turn a Phillips-head screw.  A machine screw does not drive easily into wood.  And a step ladder never will reach the eaves on your home’s second story.

Here we show how different ladders support you and keep you safe as you completely your craftsman’s tasks.  We show you how to match each ladder to its specific purpose for the sake of doing the job correctly—safely, properly, once, and well.

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