Ladder Accessories

When you require a ladder to get a job done you can almost always use the ladder by itself and accomplish your task. You should know however, that there are plenty of accessories designed and manufactured to make your jobs a little easier and save you a little time in the process. Knowing exactly what accessories are available will help you decide which accessories will prove to be most useful in your circumstances. These accessories can make you a more productive worker and often times make accomplishing your task much safer.

  • Planks: Being able to walk back and forth along your work area saves time and hassle.  Planks give you that stability and comfort you need at the height that is required.  With many different styles and material used in planks it is important to understand which one you want.  Wood planks give you a lightweight, sturdy surface while Aluminum lasts longer.  Telescoping planks give the length desired at a smaller storage.  Understanding each will help you in finding the perfect plank for you.
  • Ladder Platform: Probably the most popular accessory in the industry, ladder platforms provide not only an increase in productivity but also a higher level of comfort. These platforms are often times used as a place to hold tools, paint buckets, or other objects you may need access to while working on your project. Additionally, ladder platforms provide additional space to stand allowing the user to stand flat-footed and gives the sensation of standing on solid ground. When working on minorly complicated tasks it is often required that you use two hands and the ladder platform allows you to do just that, and do it safely. This accessory is so easy to use and so useful it is no wonder it is the most popular ladder accessory!
  • Ladder Leveler: Another popular accessory produced by almost all major ladder manufacturers is the ladder leveler. This device allows you to keep the ladder level with the ground, even when working on uneven surfaces. Climbing on a ladder in any position when it is not firmly planted on the ground can lead to serious injury. At times it is necessary to use a ladder on stairs or outside on rough terrain and trying to do so by leaning or tilting the ladder and climbing on it while it is not level with the ground is extremely dangerous. Using this simple accessory you can make those dangerous situations not only safer, but more comfortable.
  • Ladder Standoff: The ladder standoff, also refer to as a ladder stabilizer, is used on extension ladders or multi-purpose ladders when they are in the extended position. By connecting this accesory to the top of the extension ladder it will hold the ladder a few inches away from the wall or support being used to hold the ladder up. The width of the standoff keeps the extended ladder stable while in use, even at extreme heights. In addition to stability the standoff can also be effective in situations when you need to lean the ladder against a wall or other support that is a part of the project you are working on. The wide arms of the ladder standoff can go around most windows allowing you to stand on the ladder right next to your project and efficiently complete your tasks.
  • Ladder Jacks: Scaffolding is useful when you are remodeling or maintaining your home.  The downside of scaffolding is that it tends to be expensive to buy or rent.  If you need to work in an area for an allotted set of time it becomes a pain to constantly move your ladder around.  Ladder jacks are portable and cost efficient.  You get two brackets that can hold up to 250lbs each.  Each ladder jack attaches to a rung of a separate ladder that holds the plank into position.  Ladder jacks give you the versatility of a scaffolding yet saves you on cost and portability.
  • Ladder Rack: There are a variety of ladder racks available and some are able to support more weight than others.  Ladder racks are usually intended for extension ladders but they can be used to store step ladders and multi-purpose ladders as well.  A ladder hanger can be mounted on the wall allowing you to hang your ladder up to keep it from cluttering your garage or other work area.  Check with the manufacturer to determine exactly what models of ladder their hangers are able to hold and how much weight they can sustain.

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