Ladder Jacks

When you find yourself needing to paint the side of your house, or you are replacing the siding, it becomes a pain to constantly move your ladder around while climbing up and down.  After the fifth time you begin to wish that you had scaffolding to replace your ladder.  Looking into it you find that even renting scaffolding ladders can be expensive and the hassle to set them up can be a pain.  Luckily there is an easier and cheaper way to get the scaffolding you want. 


Ladder Jacks are a ladder accessory which you can acquire that mimics scaffolding.  The ladder jack makes a simple scaffolding that becomes useful if you are working in a large area for an extended period of time.  With a ladder jack set up you could walk back and forth in your work area without worrying about readjusting your ladder just to get to an area.  Primarily used in light application, ladder jacks are portability and cost effectiveness.

Ladder jacks are a simple device that consists of a plank resting on brackets that are attached to a set of your ladders.  Most ladder jacks are adjustable to fit any width of plank you use.

How to Set Up

When setting up a ladder jack you will want a second person to help you out.  You will want to position your two ladders so that the plank you are using will extend 1’ past the ladder.  For example, if you are using a 12’ plank then position your ladders 10’ from each other.  Next set up your ladder jacks at the desired height you want them.  They should attach onto any rung of your ladder.

Grab one end of the plank and climb one ladder.  The second person should hold the other end of the plank on the ground to give support.  Rest your end of the plank on the ladder jack while the second person climbs his ladder with the plank in tow.  Set the plank into position and secure it with the ladder jacks.

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