Ladder Leveler

Don’t you hate it when you take your ladder outside to trim some branches or clean your gutters and the ground is sloped?  Or if you need to set up your ladder inside but end up with one side on the floor and the other on the stairs.  You find the perfect spot to set up your ladder and you end up with a tilted ladder just waiting for an accident.  No one wants to use a ladder rocking back and forth especially when you get up above four feet.  It is for this reason that a Ladder stabilizer was invented.  No more do you have to worry about an uneven ground.  You just pop one of these babies on and you are good to go.


Ladder levelers, also known as leg leveler or ladder stabilizer, help out when you are on uneven surfaces, whether that be stairs or rough terrain outside.  Ladder levelers are designed to be used with Aluminum and Fiberglass ladders of the Step Ladder or Extension Ladder.  There are a few ladder levelers that can be used with Wood Ladders.  These ladder levelers have a hardware piece that you screw onto the ladder before you can attach the actual ladder leveler itself.  Ladder levelers can extend up to 8” to 15” depending on the product that you buy.
How you use the ladder leveler is you just attach it to the ladder, set it to the desired length, and then secure it.  You are now ready to use your ladder on the uneven surface you were having a problem with before.

What to Look For

While looking for a ladder leveler for your ladder you need to keep in mind the ladder you own.  Every ladder manufacture has a ladder leveler that is designed specifically for their ladders.  Buying a ladder leveler from one manufacture and trying to put it to use for your ladder from another manufacture isn’t a good idea as the ladder leveler may not fit properly on your ladder.

Ready to Buy?

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