When you are setting up for a job that requires a scaffolding ladder, or a makeshift one, you need the proper plank.  Ladder Planks allow you to walk back and forth at a desired height with comfort and stability.  Most planks are rated as a one-man plank, which is OSHA rated at 250lbs.  There are a few planks manufactured built as a two-man plank, which is OSHA rated at 500lbs.  For specialty work you can acquire a three-man plank, which is OSHA rated at 750lbs.

Wood Plank

Wood planks are lighter then their aluminum counterparts.  They can be up to 40% lighter than similar rated aluminum planks.  With a wood plank you get a comfortable working surface that you can rely on.  Wood planks also tend to be stiffer than a straight, channeled aluminum plank.

Aluminum Plank

One advantage that aluminum has over a wood plank is how safer it is to use them.  Aluminum planks don’t get knotholes, splits, and other imperfections that are inherent to a wood plank over time.  Aluminum planks also have a slip resistant decking built into the plank.

Telescoping Plank

Telescoping planks are built with aluminum material.  Telescoping planks allow you to extend your plank to a longer length.  The telescoping ability of aluminum planks gives it the ability to store in nearly half of its extended length.  You would get the length of a 16’ plank but at the weight of a 10’.  You wont have to carry a long and clumsy fixed-length plank to your work area.  Just extend your telescoping plank to the desired length and you are ready to go.

Scaffolding Plank

Scaffolding planks are made out of wood, aluminum, or steel and is used strictly for the purpose of scaffolding.  Scaffolding planks can be bought separate from a scaffolding ladder.  If you are looking for a scaffolding plank make sure you look at the manufacture that made your scaffolding.  Some scaffolding planks can be used with any scaffolding but most require a scaffolding plank made by the same manufacture.


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