Ladder Platform

Ladder PlatformWhether you work on ladders as a part of your career or you simply use one on occasion throughout the year at your house, you are probably familiar with how uncomfortable it can be to stand on a ladder rung for a long period of time. If you have ever worked on a project that you can barely reach while safely standing on your ladder, you know how frustrating it can be to only be able to use a single hand when two hands would be much better. In this scenario, painting becomes a nightmare without anywhere to keep your pain bucket or supplies. In response to the problems in each of this situations ladder manufacturers have produced an accessory that now ranks among the most popular. The ladder platform is a great accessory to use to make your jobs go faster, look better, and be done all around more efficiently.

If you own a ladder now or if you are going to be in the market for one, it is a good idea to keep accessories such as the ladder platform in mind. Luckily, just about every manufacturer that produces any type of multi-purpose ladder also produces their version of a ladder platform. Normally it is best to buy accessories that were made by the same manufacturer of the ladder itself, to make sure it will fit the ladder safely. Always double check and make sure the platform will work with the type and model of ladder that you own or are going to purchase.

Ladder platforms are quick and easy to use. You simply hook the platform onto any two rungs of the ladder. You can then push the platform in and climb up the ladder as you normally would. Once you have climbed above where the platform is, simply use your foot to bring the platform out and the lip of the platform will catch on the rung of the ladder. After taking those few short steps you now have a ladder platform with a 300 pound weight capacity, which means not only is it great for holding tools; but it can hold you as well! While this is the case for most ladder platforms, it is always important that you double check with the manufacturer on the weight capacity and instructions for using your accessory.

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