Ladder Rack

If you’re a contractor then you understand the need to take your tools with you to the job site.  Taking your ladder is no different.  The problem comes when you need to transport your ladder.  Throwing your ladder in your truck bed could work but what if you have a 10’ extension ladder?  What if you had more than one?  Ladder Racks solves this problem by creating a stable storage on the top of your truck or van.  They help give you organization that brings efficiency in today’s competitive business environment.


There are a variety of ladder racks that can attach to your truck.  You can acquire a ladder rack for one side that holds just one ladder.  There are ladder racks that attach to the front and back of your truck bed to hold multiple ladders.  You can even get ladder racks that attach to the top of your van.  Depending on the ladder rack you get, some are bolted on your vehicle while others you can reattach to other vehicles.

Aluminum ladder racks are more popular then the heavier steel ladder rack as it offers rust-free strength that helps with fuel efficiency.  Steel ladder racks are a constant maintenance as they continue to deteriorate until you are unable to use them.  Aluminum ladder racks are more tolerant of the scratches and abuse that happen over time. 

Ladder Hanger

Ladder Hanger is a device that keeps your ladder out of your way.  A ladder hanger can be mounted on the wall of your garage or workroom.  By keeping your ladder out of the way you keep your area more free from clutter.  There are different types of ladder hangers available with different weight capacity.

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