Ladder Standoff

If you find the need to clean your gutters or working to rebuild your soffits then you want a ladder accessory that helps stabilize your ladder.  Sure you can rent scaffolding to help out with your job but you will save money and setup time with a ladder standoff.  The Ladder Standoff is a key accessory for any Extension Ladder.  It is a nice little tool that helps keep your ladder stabilized for safety and a less likelihood of accidents.  Many contractors as well as homeowners swear of the usefulness and reliability that a ladder standoff can provide.  After setting a ladder standoff on your ladder you can climb with confidence and safety knowing that you have a more stable ladder to support you.


The ladder standoff, also referred to as a ladder stabilizer, can be used on Extension Ladders and Multi-Purpose Ladders when they are in the extended position.  It is an accessory that attaches to the top of your ladder. The ladder standoff has wide tubular shaped arms and non-skid rubber feet to help grip the surface your ladder is leaning on while maintaining support.  The ladder standoff legs put your ladder between 10” and 19” away from the wall.  It will be able to straddle windows and put the ladder a few inches to a foot away from the wall.  There are some ladder standoffs that are designed to work around corners while others you are able to set them on your roof.

What to Look For

Most ladder manufactures have their own ladder standoff that can be used on their ladders.  Just about any ladder standoff can be used on any extension ladder.  There are two types of ladder standoffs in the market today.  There is the fixed-depth and the adjustable ladder standoff.  The fixed-depth ladder standoff is constructed to be used holding your ladder away from the surface it is leaning against at a fixed point.  The adjustable ladder standoffs are more versatile as you are able to adjust the distance the ladder standoff will hold you away from the wall.


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