Dock Ladders

If you can't figure out what kind of dock ladder you want to get, then here is the place to be because dock ladders come in many shapes and sizes. Although most dock ladders are made of aluminum, some are manufactured with stainless steel. Most dock ladders come within a range of 3-7 steps, each step holding up to 500 pounds. The ladder you need depends on how low the water gets at low tide because each step is 1 foot. For example, if the water level at low tide were 4 feet from the dock, then you would want to get either a 4 or 5 step.


- Straight Dock Ladders
These ladders are plain, simple, and by far the least expensive. The standard design consists of a dock attachment, a handrail for safety and stability, and a set of steps ranging from 3 to 7. These ladders are perfect for stationary docks because of their fluctuating water lines. Depending on where you visit to get a dock ladder, you can get a wide step ladder that doubles the width of the step from 2 to 4 inches. Of course, this wide step improvement will also increase the price.

- Lift Dock Ladders
Like the straight dock ladder, the lift dock ladders (shown on right) work very well with stationary docks. These ladders are very unique, in that they can be lifted vertically out of the water without detaching the ladder from the dock. All you do is pull two attached chords and the bottom steps just pull right up, and then you can then lock the chords in place.

- Floatstep Dock Ladders
At long last, these ladders bring together the simplicity of the stationary ladders and the ingenuity of the mechanical ladders. These ladders come with a floating device set at the bottom of the ladder which cause it to float all the way to the water surface when not in use. You can also get these ladders with a yellow powder coating so you are able to see while on the dock or in the water.

- Finger Pier Dock Ladders
These Ladders are perfect for those docks that don’t allow a very far intrusion by a ladder. They are designed without handlebars, and the part that attaches to the dock is only 6 inches long thereby maximizing the amount of space for the dock itself.


<= Swing Dock Ladders
These ladders, also like the straight dock ladder, work well with stationary and floating docks. These ladders have a design that keeps them out of the water. They come with a pivot system that flips the ladder 180º out of the water so it is resting vertically on the dock surface. You can then lock it in place by putting a bolt in the appointed slot.


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