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Whether you are already the owner of a ladder or want to find the perfect ladder for your needs, knowledge is power. With the right information about ladders, how the function, and the types and models available you can be sure that you pick the right ladder for the job and that you use it the way it was designed to be used. Even if the ladder you currently own or are looking at buying appears to be simple to use, there is valuable information that is available to help you keep yourself and those around safe and free of harm. Some ladders are more complex, and having the appropriate training and instructions can lead you to using your ladder more efficiently and more effectively. The Learning Center will provide you with everything you need to become a ladder professional. We are continously creating valuable resources you can turn to for the knowledge you need.

Ladder Type Ratings - OSHA

  • Type IAA - An extra-heavy duty super industrial grade ladder with a 375-pound duty rating.  These ladders are for frequent extra heavy-duty applications.
  • Type IA - A heavy duty industrial grade ladder with a 300-pound duty rating.  These ladders are the most commonly used by contractors and for home improvement projects.
  • Type I - A medium-duty commercial grade ladder with a 250-pound duty rating. These ladders are for applications such as offices, homes, light maintenance, and the like.
  • Type II - A light-duty commercial ladder with a 225-pound duty rating. Like the Type I it can be used in offices and for light maintenance but can also be used easily around the house.
  • Type III - A light-duty household ladder with a 200-pound duty rating. These are for very light household use.


OSHA Guidelines: OSHA is the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration and oversees the production and use of a wide variety of equipment used in the private and public sector. OSHA provides guidelines for commercial grade equipment as well as the sunglasses you wear and most importantly for us they provide standards and guidelines that must be followed in producing and using ladders and ladder equipment. Most of these guidelines are intended for ladder manufacturers; however they also provide helpfult tips for keeping yourself safe and appropriate use of your ladder.

ANSI Standards: ANSI is the American National Standards Institute that gives a consensus of standards for American products and businesses.  There are different committees all entirely made of volunteers that come to an agreement on the national standard.  The ASC A14 Committee is in charge of the standards of construction, testing, and using of ladders in the ladder industry.  They also give a standard for the placement of labels and the specific information that is about the ladder.

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