ANSI Standards

What exactly is ANSI and what does it stand for?  ANSI, short for the American National Standards Institute, is more of a general agreement of how the standards of American products and business should be held to nationally.  Founded on October 19, 1918 ANSI is a non-profit organization that has worked toward strengthening the United States economically all the while helping to attain the safety and health of consumers today.

ASNI consists of six different types of members with nearly 1000 members that actively participate in forums that help shape the standards of America.  The six different types of members are: Company, Government, Organizational, Educational, International, and Individual.

So what does ANSI mean for ladders?  The ASC A14 Committee is the one responsible for setting the standards and rules on ladders.  They reach consensus on the design, construction and testing of ladders.  They also set up guidelines on the selection, care and use as well.  This includes all ladders of different material and types.  Examples of the different types are: Step, Extension, and Platform.  Their rules also includes the labeling and market requirements.

Testing for the ladders vary by the material but they are generally evaluated by their strength, quality of components on the ladders, and the resistance to bending.  The labels on the ladders must be marked with specific details.  This includes; the model number, maximum length, the type, date of manufacture as well as manufacture’s location, and ladder size.  Guidelines for use and warnings need to be placed in specific locations on the ladder depending on the type.

ASC A14 Standards:

ASC A14.1  –  Wood Ladders
ASC A14.2  –  Portable Metal Ladders
ASC A14.3  –  Fixed Ladders
ASC A14.4  –  Job Made Wooden Ladders
ASC A14.5  –  Portable Reinforced Plastic Ladders
ASC A14.7  –  Mobile Ladder Stands and Mobile Ladder Stand Platforms
ASC A14.8  –  Portable Ladder Accessories
ASC A14.9   – Ceiling Mounted Disappearing Climbing Systems
ASC A14.10 – Portable Special Duty Ladders
ASC A14.11 – Utility Step-Stools

ANSI Mission Statement:

“To enhance both the global competitiveness of U.S. business and the U.S. quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems, and safeguarding their integrity."

Need More Information?

Our brief overview of ANSI and its standards should be used as a general source of information.  For the official standards and for other helpful information about the American National Standards Institute please visit their official site:


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