Library Ladders

Having a room with high shelves help when you need to store your items.  The more shelves you have the more space for storage.  Whether it is a tall bookcase or a pantry it becomes difficult to retrieve your items from the top shelves.  Grabbing a ladder or a chair becomes a chore if you constantly need to reach your items.

Library ladders, also known as rolling ladders, has made it a cinch to acquire the book or item you need in a tall bookcase or shelf.  Although mainly made to be used in libraries, both commercial and residential use, they are now included in pantries, wine cellars, kitchens, and stockrooms.  They are also being used to reach loft storage as well.


- Ladders
There are two different designs of ladders that you can have for your library ladder.  The most common is the straight ladder that is a straight ladder.  The bent ladder is designed to clear cabinets, bookshelves, or whatever obstacle would be in the way.  Handrails can be installed on the ladder to provide safety while climbing.

Library ladders come available in aluminum and different materials of wood that includes: Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Ash, Maple, and more.  The climbing angle that you want to set your ladder at can go anywhere from, but not limited to, 12 to 17 degrees.  The more of an angle you have the more of a comfortable and safe climb you have but you loose more floor space.  On most ladders you are able to push the ladder back against the wall for storage to give more room.

- Fixtures
The fixture is what attaches the ladder to the track and allows the ladder to glide down the track.  There are two different types of fixtures that fit on your track.  The more common of the two, the roll style fixture is permanently attached onto your track.  The hook style fixture can be removed off the track and can be placed onto another track or just put in storage.  The hook style fixture is unable to be used on any curves that the track may have or for any loft applications.

- Tracks and Brackets

Unless you hire a professional to install your track you will be doing the installing.  Make sure when you install your track to keep it level from the ground.  Put it one or two shelves down from where you will be reaching in.  Tracks can be used around corners in a 90-degree curve.  The bracket is what holds the track up on the wall and there are two different categories of brackets for the two different fixtures.  Within each category are four different types of brackets.  There are the vertical and horizontal hook types that will attach your track to the wall.  The shelf attachment hook type that hooks onto a shelf.  And the last one is the raised molding hook type.

- Wheels
The wheels are attached onto the bottom of the library ladder.  It is a rubber cushioned wheel the gives you a smooth glide over hardwood floors, carpet, and tile.  Most wheels come in the traditional designer patter or in a solid casing.

Before You Order

Now that you are all excited about getting your ladder there are still a few things left that you need to figure out before you order.  Every library ladder company needs to know certain information so they can send you the proper ladder.
-The length of the track
-The height where you will be mounting the track
-The material of the ladder (For wood it would be the specific material)
-Whether you will need a roll style or hook style bracket.


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