Gorilla Ladders

Gorilla Ladders are a multi-position ladder that is made with their patented static hinge kit. They have a Heavy Duty Locking Hinge System, and extra wide flared base, and over sized slip resistant feet.  The Gorilla Ladders can be used in multiple heights for a scaffolding, step ladder, and extension ladder positions.  As well as their Ladders, Tricam also makes Gorilla Ladder Stepstools and Gorilla Wheelbarrows.

Back in 1988 a company by the name of Tricam Industries was founded in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  Tricam became a company that sells ladders, lawn carts, climbing equipment, and wheelbarrows.  They first focused on stepstools used for the common household and soon found their business growing in the category of ladders.  Soon they were making stepladders, specialty ladders, and their mulit-position ladder that they called Gorilla Ladders.

Tricam remains a leading consumer products company.  Their products meet or exceed both the OSHA rating guidelines as well as the ANSI standards.  Tricam supplies lawn and garden carts, wheelbarrows, and ladders alike.  They sell to customers and businesses alike.  They continue to research their consumers preferences and develop innovative ideas to make their products easier to handle and help their customers get their jobs done with more finesse.

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