Little Giant SelectStep featuring the AirDeck

The same company that originally designed the multipurpose ladder has made another revolution in the ladder industry. The new Little Giant SelectStep is a stepladder with unique features and abilities not found anywhere else in the industry. The SelectStep is advertised as "the most comfortable ladder in the world" and for the most part it lives up to its name. It's key feature is an extra long step found about half-way up the ladder which allows the user to stand flatfooted so they can feel safe, secure, and are able to use both hands on the project they are working on.

The SelectStep borrows from some of the new features of other Little Giant Ladders. For example the SelectStep borrows the Rock-Lock feature from the RevolutionXE. The idea is that pushing the Rock-Locks in is more efficient and comfortable then pulling the oldstyle locktabs out, but in the end it accomplishes the same purpose and allows you to telescope the ladder to a variety of heights. For the Little Giant Select Step the height can vary from 5' - 8' in one foot increments.

The SelectStep also captilizes on some of the weaknesses of previous models of the Little Giant. Weight has always been an issue and so the SelectStep was designed in a way that it could maintain stability while at the same time reducing the weight. The SelectStep weighs only 23 lbs. making it easy to carry around to whatever location you need it to be.

Little Giant has also introduced the AirDeck for a variety of the ladders including the SelectStep. The AirDeck has a few different functions, the most obvious is a tray function allowing the user to place whatever tools they need on the AirDeck. A portion of the tray is magnetic, to hold nuts, bolts, screws and other small metallic objects. The circular piece in the middle can easily be popped out to allow room for a paint bucket or other object to be placed in the center of the AirDeck.

An additional accessory that can be purchased separate from the SelectStep is the Little Giant Fuel Tank. The idea behind the fuel tank was to make life easier when you're using a paint roller on a ladder. The problem is that you must climb off the ladder every time you need more paint, the solution is the Fuel Tank. By attaching the Fuel Tank directly to the top of the ladder you are able to put additional paint on your roller without having to climb off the ladder itself. Little Giant has revolutionized the ability to paint on a ladder.



Additional Information

  • Visit the official SelectStep site for more information.
  • See the SelectStep in action on YouTube.


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