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Louisville LaddersIf you've worked on your fair share of ladders in your lifetime chances are you've worked on at least one Louisville Ladder. As one of the major ladder manufacturers in the United States Louisville Ladders has produced ladders in almost every type and model available in the market today. Each ladder has been specially designed for quality and has over 50 years of ladder experience behind it. The name is based on the 'birth place' and current headquarter location of the company. Louisville Ladders was founded in 1946 in Louisville, Kentucky. Like most large companies Louisville started small but has since spread to many locations throughout the United States and Canada. Louisville Ladders manufactures ladders made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass and even wood. The variety doesn't end with the material however; they also produce ladders of many different types and ratings. Commonly produced ladders include: step ladders, extension ladders, platform ladders, attic ladders, step stools and many more.  

One thing that Louisville Ladders pride themselves on is being a leader of innovation inside the industry. They have played a key role in developing ladders and helping them become what they are today. From the beginning Louisville Ladders demonstrated their ingenuity by manufacturing the first ever aluminum step and extension ladders. The creativity kept coming as Louisville continued to improve and add on to the aluminum step and extension ladders developing a first of its kind design plan that allowed for the rungs to be directly riveted to the rail flange as well as extensions via a "rung-to-rail" connection. Aluminum proved to be a valuable material not only for Louisville Ladders but for the entire industry. Their leading innovation however went further than aluminum. They also manufactured the first line of fiberglass ladders which took advantage of their "rung-to-rail" technology to provide high quality fiberglass ladders. Even today, they are the only ladder manufacturer to produce and sell a mobile fiberglass platform ladder.

As growth has continued in the company their target of the market has continuously expanded and today they have products available not only for personal use but for heavy-duty commercial use as well. Steel rolling warehouse ladders make up a large part of their inventory and they are also the exclusive manufacturing company of a steel rolling tower that can be set up by a single person. The Rhino 375 Series has been popular in the commercial market. This line of ladders was the first to offer a 375 lbs. weight rating and today Louisville offers this rating on extension ladders, platform ladders, step ladders and more. They are also one of the few ladder companies producing fiberglass ladders with a rating of 375 lbs.

When shopping for a Louisville Ladder there are plenty of unique, patented features you can expect that you won't find from any other company. On their extension ladders, for example, you will find QuickLatch® Rung-Lock latches that provide a safe and efficient method of securing the fly portion of your extension ladder with the bed section. Full Metal Boot wrap-around shoes are used on the step ladders. This means the feet are made of aluminum and angled with thick, slip-resisted treads on the bottom. Plates of reinforcement are wrapped around the rail to provide superior durability. For fiberglass ladders Lousiville Ladders offers DaBoot™ and PROTOP™. DaBoot™ is an upper boot made of olypropylene copolymer that provides durability, additional strength and protections for fiberglass rail surfaces. PROTOP™ is used on fiberglass extension ladders and is a non-conductive tray made of molded copolymer and has holes for your tools.

Louisville Ladders runs a professional site that has much of the information that you need. They also have an online store available where they sell most of their products. You can also find Louisville products on a variety of other sites, a few of them have been selling ladders online longer than others. If you find the right dealers you can find great discounts that are normally not offered anywhere else, including the official site!

Ready to shop around?

Even though you know the brand of the ladder can be trusted, it is important to purchase your Louisville Ladder from a trusted source. We've done the research for you and compiled a list of the most trusted sources to find the Louisville Ladder you need:

  • Offering a wide variety of Louisville Ladders, eladders.com is one of the top internet dealers.
  • If you already know the exact product you need you can find a quick selection process at contractorstools.com.
  • For the most up-to-date information on Louisville Ladders be sure to check out the official site at LouisvilleLadder.com.

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