Roof Ladders

Although roofing is a necessary job, it also poses some risks. When you’re working on a roof with a steep pitch, it’s very easy to lose your balance and fall off the roof. To solve this problem, some people came up with an idea of making a ladder that hooks onto the roof long ago. What they did was they took a wood ladder and attached a thick piece of wood at the top of the ladder. This invention allowed roofers to be able to use the rungs on the ladder as steps and put they’re tools in between rungs.

As technology improved, so did the ladder industry. Roof ladders began to be manufactured out of aluminum and fiberglass. Due to the fact that pushing a ladder up a roof broke off shingles, manufacturers began making ladders with wheels.

You would push a ladder up on the wheel side. After it reaches the roof peak, you would flip the ladder over so the hook grabs the roof and locks it in place.

Although these ladders are known by some people as chicken ladders, they are more commonly known as cat ladders.  Although most cat ladders are extendable, there are some single section ladders as well.  They have non-slip hooks, non-slip rungs, and tool guards that sit against the roof.

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