Folding Ladders

Have you ever found yourself climbing on a chair or other object that was never intended to be used as a climbing tool? This is not only dangerous but usually is not very effective. In this scenario a folding ladder can be a great benefit. Folding ladders are called such because they are able to do just that; fold. One of the primary benefits of a folding ladder is its ability to fold down into an easy to carry and easy to store position. For folding ladders that are used around the house this normally means they can fold small enough to fit under your bed, in a closet or somewhere else that is out of sight.

Folding ladders are also self-supporting, meaning they don't need to be leaned against a wall, house or other object to be used. This is especially helpful inside the house, where it can be hard to find a support to lean a ladder against. Often times small buisness find it advantageous to have a folding ladder around for simple tasks. A high quality folding ladder is capable of supporting large amounts of weight, just like any other ladder. The small size does not mean less quality. Many folding ladders are capable of holding 250 to 300 pounds or more.

For smaller jobs, folding ladders are a great way to cut down on the weight of the ladder. Folding ladders can be very small, minimizing extra weight in using bigger, bulkier ladders for small tasks around the house or office. They are usually very simple to use, able to be folded in and out by anyone regardless of age or strength.

Folding ladders typically have wider steps to ensure the safety of the user. These steps spread the pressure across the foot, rather then placing it all on one thin section, reducing the irritation and pain that normal rungs cause. Folding ladders tend to have a base that is broader then normal ladders, increasing stability and support.

Not all folding ladders are small in size. Any ladder that has the ability to fold in any way could be classified as a folding ladder. This means that many step ladders are also folding ladders. Folding ladders come in variety of materials. Aluminum and Fiberglass are the most popular but you can also find them available in steel.

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