Platform Ladders

Doing a job where you need to stand on a ladder for an extended period of time?  Using those conventional ladders with their small rungs tends to be a pain and you end up killing your feet.  Trying to stay balanced you use one hand to hold on and lean into the ladder applying pressure to your shins and killing them in the process.  Having a job that requires two hands becomes annoying while trying to maintain your balance on a small rung.


A platform ladder is a step ladder with the top step being a platform.  There is a bar called the top rail guard that is set about 2’ above the platform to help stabilize the user when using the ladder.  The sizes of the ladder usually range from the platform height being 3’ to 10’.  This is not an adjustable ladder so what size you buy is the size you will be using.

The platform provides a comfortable work area for you to stand on.  The platform has a slip resistant tread to provide the traction you need.  You are able to turn around without fear of falling over and the guardrail provides a bar to keep you balanced.  The platform easily allows you to free up both your hands to concentrate on your work.  You have a nice, level place to plant your feet.

Some platform ladders come with casters attached so you can wheel your ladder around instead of folding it up.  These ladders are referred to as mobile platform ladder and they usually come with handrails attached.  The spring-loaded casters allow you step on your ladder to lock it in place until you step off.  This makes it easier to use the ladder and you don’t have to worry about always setting a brake.  These ladders resemble the warehouse ladders.


There are two different materials that are used, Aluminum and Fiberglass.  Fiberglass is the perfect material for electricians who constantly need to change ballast or rework some wiring.  Aluminum made platform ladders is the more popular of the two.  Aluminum provides a lighter ladder and is more available.  You are able to get your ladder at 300 and 375 lbs OSHA rated.

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