Step Stool

When you need to grab an item from the top cupboard that is just out of reach you end up either climbing on the counters or pulling a wobbly chair over to stand on.  Unsafely stretching yourself can knock off your balance and send you crashing to the floor.  A Step stool becomes invaluable in a pantry, closet, or kitchen.  Being able to reach those hard to reach cupboards or shelves helps around the house.  Having one handy saves on time as well as the hassle of finding something to use as a stand.


Step stools come in different sizes.  Sizes range from a 1-step up to a 4-step with the most commonly used one being the 1-step.  There are four materials that a step stool is made out of.  Those materials are: plastic, wood, aluminum, and Fiberglass.  The steps on the step stools are wide so you can have both feet firmly planted on them.  The steps will either be smooth or have a slip-resistant tread on them.  The usual weight limit set by OSHA for a Step stool is 200lbs.  The heavy-duty step stool used by contractors is OSHA rated at 300bls.

Certain types of step stools are able to fold up so you can store it out of your way.  You can store it in a closet, next to the refrigerator, or safely tucked away in your garage.  These step stools make it easy to maneuver around the house with.  Some step stools have a bar attached to the stool for added security.  A few of these bars will have a utility tray incorporated at the top of the bar so you can set your tools down when you don’t need them.

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