Telescoping Ladders

Whenever a ladder is advertised as a telescoping ladder it simply means that the ladder is able to slide inward or outward and usually has overlapping sections. This allows the user to decide how tall the ladder needs to be to efficiently accomplish the task at hand. Almost any type of ladder can be telescoping, such as step ladders, extension ladders, folding ladders or multipurpose ladders.


TelestepsTelesteps is a company focused on producing ladders and other tools that are able to quickly and easily transform from compact and easy to carry items to full size and usable tools. Their most popular product is the TELESTEPS® Telescopic Ladder which transforms from a full size extension ladder to a compact ladder when it is closed in order to be carried easily. For further convenience the ladder is light weight as well as compact. When using a Telesteps ladder, you have more choices than simply the maximum or minimum height. The telescoping means it is capable of being set up at a variety of heights anywhere in between those two extremes. This allows you to choose how high the ladder needs to be in order to finish the job.

Telesteps has three models of their famous telescoping ladder. Titled after their maximum height the three models are the 10.5 Foot Model, the 12.5 Foot Model and the 14.5 Foot Model. The obviousl distinction between each is the maximum height they are capable of reaching; however weight should also be taken into consideration as well as the size of the ladder when it is in storage position. The higher the maximum height of the ladder, the more it weighs and the larger it will be in the storage position. For some, of course, the biggest difference comes when looking at the price tag. For every size you move up, you have to be willing to pay a little extra.

If you are thinking of buying a Telesteps ladder there is one more variable you must consider. As with most ladder manufacturers, Telesteps offers their products in different weight capacities. This means you can choose to purchase either the Type 1 model which is capable of holding 250 pounds or the Type 1A model which is capable of holding 300 pounds. Once again, the more you get the more you have to pay and an increase in weight capacity means an increase in the physical weight of the ladder.

Some important things to keep in mind are that the 10.5 Foot Model is only available as a Type 1, 250 pound weight capacity. So if you're looking to buy a that size of ladder, the decision for weight has already been made for you. Also, Telesteps has recently been adding features that make their ladders more comfortable, easier and often times safer to use. For example you can now buy a 14.5 Foot Model with extra wide steps for additional comfort when climbing the ladder. Also, the ladders are able to telescope in 1 foot increments. This means you can't choose any size you want between the minimum and maximum, but it comes pretty close. One of the more recent design upgrades to some of their ladders is the "Air Shock" closing system. If the ladder is equipped with this upgrade you are able to close the ladder simply by squeezing on the bottom of the ladder. This will close the ladder in a slow and controlled fashion and is a very welcome improvement over the old style of pulling rings down to collapse the ladders.

Other Telescoping Ladders...

The word "telescoping" is used on a large variety of products in the ladder industry. Many ladders have the ability to telescope much like the ladders developed by Telesteps.



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